Order form

I order (desired amount) tickets only for first day - 25th of August (friday).
I order (desired amount) tickets only for second day - 26th of August (saturday).
I order (desired amount) tickets for both days - 25th and 26th of August (friday and saturday).

Business and delivery terms
To order the tickets, please fill in the order form, specifying the first or second day, two days, ie A, B or C, and the number of tickets for the selected variant.
A confirmation email will be sent to you within 7 days, indicating the account number for the payment and the variable symbol. You can also add your surname to the variable symbol to help us to identify your payment.
Upon receipt of the payment, within 10 days you will be sent a contact e-mail in the .pdf format for printing the ticket or its electronic version can be displayed at the control stand to the organizer of the festival.
Ticket order is valid for 14 days after sending your payment details!
If payment is not proceed within this date, the booking becomes invalid!