Chapel of St. John and Paul

The building is an exceptional case of a building that has secondarily acquired the character of a bell tower. A small Romanesque church was built around 1230 on the site of a supposed pagan sacrifice. It is characterized by a single-nave space with an indented tower, an apse and, above all, a pseudo-Gothic floor. On the south side of the nave there is a Romanesque portal, similar in its morphology to the western portal of the parish church. For the purposes of the bell tower, a huge bell was cast, in 1561 in the workshop of the Prague bell-maker Brickí of Cimperk. It originally stood alone in a wooden bell tower at the foot of the hill and only in the 19th century was it moved to the completed bell floor. In addition, two smaller bells from the 16th and 17th centuries are placed one above the other in the Romanesque tower.