Reviews Jazzport_vol. 1

Reviews Jazzport_vol. 1

The fourth year of the unique, international music festival Dobršská brána brought a very varied and attractive music program to the magical environment of the village of Dobrš in Podšumava.


SKIN by Kimmo Pohjonen dominated Friday’s Dobršská brána_reportage by Michal Kratochvíl and Michal Sýkora


A total of 34 artists from 6 countries performed on 4 stages in two days, most of which were broadcast live on Mall TV. This year’s focus on the accordion, which we enjoyed in various genres and combinations of performers, united all soloists and groups. Many musicians were given the first opportunity to perform in Dobrš since the declaration of a state of emergency in March, so they played with extraordinary taste and commitment.

The local storms circled Dobrš miraculously, so Friday’s program could have taken place without umbrellas.

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SKIN Kimma Pohjonena ovládl páteční Dobršskou bránu