Festival and Covid

Festival and Covid


We realize that the virus will not disappear and we must live with it and with the risk of infection as well. Some fans may be more or less afraid of participating in mass events, so we want to take responsible measures to reduce the risk at MHF DB 2020 as much as possible, even beyond the mandatory measures. In any case, everyone has the right to decide not to participate on their own and has no right to criticize the other’s decision. We have compiled a list of measures, we will continuously adjust them and post them on the spot in their current form.

In general

The capacity of the event, which takes place mainly in outdoor areas, is currently set at a maximum of 1000 people.

The capacity in a closed building is set at a maximum of 500 people, with the proviso that if more than 100 people are present, it is not possible to stay without respiratory protective equipment (nose, mouth) such as respirator, veil, mouthpiece, scarf, shawl or other means to prevent the spread of droplets.

You can also find more information at: https://www.vlada.cz/cz/epidemie-koronaviru/dulezite-informace/mimoradna-opatreni-_-co-aktualne-plati-180234/

Specifically, the use of drapes outdoors and indoors will follow the rules set by the government. If they are not obligatory during the festival, we still recommend using as many veils as possible in your own interest and with regard to consideration for others. Veils will also be worn by the organizers, the organizers will also have the mandatory gloves in the snack bar.

The disinfection team will go around the festival – related areas at regular intervals and will disinfect the places most often reached – handles, handrails, etc.

Disinfection will be available at the entrances to the building of the former inn, the church building and near the toilet in the area at the main stage in the form of disinfection stands. Additional disinfection will be available in the tent town.

Returnable cups will not be used, only disposable ones will be used.