These four improvisational musicians are among the best in their field. At this concert, Markus Stockhausen presents a new line-up with pianist Jeroen van Vliet in their new triple album TALES.

ECHO Jazz winner Markus Stockhausen is considered one of the best trumpet players in the world; he is also in demand as a composer, improviser and bandleader. He is constantly researching productively and successfully at the intersection of jazz, classical music, new music and electronic experiments for new ways of expression.

The joy of playing and masterful skills – colorful compositions, inspired improvisations and intuitive playing combine into a harmonious whole; unsuspected sounds are extracted from the instruments. All the musicians also use electronic extensions of their instruments. They are virtuosi in both classical music and jazz and place high demands on their musical culture, always looking for a “magical moment” on stage. With their often intuitive interplay, they enliven the inner worlds with musical sensitivity. They throw themes like balls, sometimes complex, virtuoso sequences of notes or chords, lively and jazz, then again harmoniously melodic, calm and inner. A captivating musical experience.

TALES project

The music of Markus Stockhausen is clearly shaped by the roots of European art music. Stockhausen’s compositions form a harmonious synthesis with the art of improvisation with ease, a kind of playfulness, strong emotional expressions and sometimes humor. Open passages allow for spontaneous creations.

All four musicians are virtuosi on their instruments and have a wide range of playing experience, based on classical, jazz and avant-garde experiences. Electronic sounds enhance the band’s soundtrack. The music feels close to jazz, but it can also amaze more classical or contemporary audiences. In 2021, pianist Jeroen van Vliet joined the band and added his unique voice to the band’s sound.

Markus Stockhausen (trumpet, flute)

Jeroen van Vliet (piano, synthesizers)

Levan Andria (cello)

Christian Thomé (drums)

Koupit lístek