Miracle star Andrea Motis from Barcelona, ​​a charming jazz singer and trumpeter who sings in Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese and English, comes to the festival to share her amazing talent for trumpet and vocals, accompanied by her own band.

Andrea Motis attended the prestigious music school in Sant Andre, near Barcelona from the age of seven. When she was 12, she joined the local Sant Andreu Jazz Band, which was renowned for her teacher, bandleader and double bassist Joan Chamorro. Moreover, Andrea recorded an album of an excellent level that went far beyond ordinary school bands when she was 14. At the age of fifteen, as a soloist, she managed to record an entire album as a solist in Joan Chamorro Presents Andrea Motis (2010). After a series of recordings with the Motis Chamorro Quintet, the Motis Chamorro Big Band and the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, the talented young woman rose to the next level, which did not escape the attention of the respected multinational label Impulse !, where Andrea Motis presented herself solely under her own name.


In this album, Andrea moved out of her comfort zone and decided to indulge in sounds and colors that always belonged to her musical preferences, such as funk, electric jazz and neo-soul. Andrea explains that in addition to trying to create a distinctive sound that would give the album his thread, she was inspired by a variety of sources: from Robert Glasper loops or Jack Johnson’s California sound to Fats Waller and his “Honeysuckle Rose, blues or even Latin American folklore, embodied in his personal version of the cumbia “El Pescador” by José Barroso. They borrow songs from electric jazz, funk and neo-soul. In twelve songs, Motis sings in Catalan, his mother tongue, as well as Spanish, Portuguese, English and German, and comments on his vocal expression alternately – trained on both instruments – on trumpet or saxophone.

Andrea Motis  (vocals and trumpet)

Christoph Mallinger  (guitar, mandolin and violin)

Kevin Diaz  (keyboards)

Miguel Asensio  (drums)

Stephan Kondert  (bass)

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