About the festival

Our experience and vision

The festival follows and fits into the global trend of searching for new connections between traditional, classical and contemporary music, thereby creating a unique musical event that is quite unique on the Czech music scene.

The festival is exceptional in that it also gives a new impetus by enabling world musicians and Czech audiences to come together in a place, which for many visitors is unconventional, yet has a long tradition, including in the field of music, while being outside the Czech capital. Proof of the fact that the focus of the festival has been moving in the right direction is the success of the past five years, supported by musical responses from the audience and reviews of music critics, with listeners from Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belarus, the Netherlands, France, Senegal, Argentina, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic. This event in southern Bohemia during the holiday month of August has a truly European dimension.

The Dobršská brána festival offers a refreshing insight into the world of contemporary music without dramaturgical compromises or formal classification of performers into genres. In the work they present, they freely switch between genres and combine elements of folk music with jazz and chamber music. The specific dramaturgy of the festival and its motto “Gateway to the world of music” correspond to this. Individual concerts of the festival take place at various locations in Dobrš. Chamber concerts are in the Church of the Annunciation, while other performances are in the area of ​​the castle or in the chapel of St. John and Paul. Listeners and musicians are thus able to acquaint themselves up close with historical Dobrš and its monuments.

The dramaturgical intent is to present every year at the Dobrš festival leading European and world players who have not performed in the Czech Republic in recent years with a different musical instrument in the spotlight each year. Well-known Czech and foreign musicians and groups present themselves in compositions that work with improvisation, but also with historical origins, national folk motifs; performances of intonation and general musical readiness are given space. Both ancient and completely contemporary music is heard as it emerges at the moment of the performance.

The unifying element of the sixth year of the festival this year is the trumpet. We will hear this instrument in various combinations, including in free improvisation. There will be a variety of jazz, in all forms and colors, as well as folk songs, compositions inspired by national folklore and compositions intended directly for those specific performers.

Mr. Karel Schwarzenberg has assumed patronage of the festival.

The main partners of the festival in 2022 are the Ministry of Culture, the State Fund for Culture, the South Bohemian Region, Nadace Život umělce (the Life of  the Artist Foundation) and ČEPS a.s.