About festival

Dobršská brána Festival – the gate to the world of music in its first year aims to introduce musicians who are open to many different influences in their work and bring together folk music with jazz and chamber music. The Motto “The Gateto the World of Music” suggests, that makes no sense to distinguish music into the music styles.

Festival leans on the historical tradition of the place (Dobrš was the cultural and social center of the region) and is reviving the tradition of musical productions of the 60´s and 70´s of the last century, when the hall of the “U Dražných” pub was the center of the unofficial musical production, ideologically and politically undesirable.The musicians will come to Dobrš one day in advance and will prepare a joint performance at the end of the festival that will happen by this occasion only.

The unifying element of the festival is string instrument, which will be heard in various instrumental combinations, solo, playing free improvisation or songs originally written for another instrument and pieces composed specifically for specific artists.

John Buckley’s lecture will be a part of the Festival.

Festival concerts will be held at various locations in Dobrš. The solo recitals will take place in the Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, some performances will be situated in the area of the fortress and the castle, the others in the Bell Tower of st. John and Paul. The final joint musical improvisation of all performers and the opportunity for dancing for all present will take place in the hall of the former local pub “U Dražných”. Both, listeners and musicians, will become closely acquainted with Dobrš´s traditions and monuments.

The Dobrše Recovery Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) is a voluntary civic association whose purpose are educative and cultural activities in relation to Dobrš as an exceptional village location. Association also raise funds for the projects, expert opinions and related documentation for the reconstruction, operation, repair and maintenance of ​​the castle and fortress area, the other cultural monuments and other buildings and spaces in the village and its intravilan. The basic idea of ​​operating and using this locality is to restore its social function and interconnection of its individual parts in order to create a space for coexistence of people of different interests, age, education and convictions, focusing on artistic activities, meeting, teaching, learning, sharing and alternative culture. This program will be implemented in the sense of the Government’s Architectural Heritage Rescue Program, with an emphasis on the authenticity and unmistakable context of the historical monuments, together with the search for a new current use of the castle area and its surroundings.