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Dobršská brána 2020 International Music Festival – A Gateway to the World of Music

Date and venue of the project: Dobrš, 14th till 15th August 2020

The International Music Festival Dobršská Brána in its 4th year will again offer a refreshing insight into the world of contemporary music without dramaturgical compromises and a formal genre classification of performers. In their work they present, they freely switch between genres and combine elements of folk music with jazz and chamber music. This corresponds to the specific dramaturgy of the festival and its motto “The Gate to the World of Music”.


The festival continues and fits into the global trend of searching for new connections between traditional, classical and contemporary music and thus creates a unique musical event that would hardly find a comparison on the Czech music scene. At the same time, the festival gives a new impulse for meeting of world musicians and the Czech audience on the spot for many visitors unusual, yet with a long musical tradition, outside the Czech metropolis. The success of the past year is supported by musical responses from the audience and critics’ reviews by proving that the focus of the festival has been a step in the right direction. During the two-day period, the second year presented performers from Norway,  the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Senegal, Hungary, France  and the Czech Republic. So the event took place with a truly European overlap.

z Norska, Nizozemska, Japonska, Německa, Anglie, Španělska, Senegalu, Maďarska, Francie a ČR. Proběhla tak akce se vskutku evropským přesahem.

We will hear them in various combinations, in free improvisation. Jazz will be diverse, in all forms and colors, as well as folk songs, compositions composed on the legacy of national folklore and compositions designed specifically for those specific artists.